Why is it so hard to lose weight?

The weight loss industry has tried to convince people for many years that it’s easy to lose weight. From diets, to gym equipment and pills, weight loss is a billion dollar industry. The fact remains, over 60% of people in Australia are considered overweight or obese. It is clearly a growing problem.

Here are some of the reasons why it’s so hard to lose weight.

Lack of motivation

Many people want to lose weight for a good appearance. While that is a good reason to lose weight, it is not a sufficient motivator for weight loss. The other benefits of maintaining a good diet and exercise regime such as having more energy and feeling better can often be more effective motivators.

Not being conscious about our diet

Changing the way we eat is key to long lasting weight loss. Many of us consume foods habitually and do not consider the portion sizes and ingredients. Being mindful of what we eat can go a long way. Contrary to the popular belief, a good diet is not about avoiding junk food altogether, but consuming healthy options most of the time.

How and where we spend our time

We tend to eat more junk foods if we are in front of the TV or computer. Paying close attention to how and where we spend our time can make a huge difference. Adding more movement and stretching intervals into our day can also help break old habits of eating.

We are surrounded by junk food today

From vending machines to highly processed foods in supermarkets, we live in a society filled with junk food. To overcome these temptations, we can prepare more home cooked meals on a regular basis. Planning ahead means we are less likely to react to our immediate urges.

Who we spend time with

If we are surrounded by people who eat junk food regularly, we can feel pressured to do the same. Therefore it can be worthwhile to find people who support your cause. Many people report that having spousal support was key to helping them reach their goals.

Your mental health

Many people use food to deal with hurt, depression and other emotional issues. Emotional eating provides temporary comfort but can create bigger mental health problems in the long run. It is therefore crucial to address these issues for long term weight loss success.

Accepting failure as part of the process

Some days your resolve can weaken and that is human nature. We can forget to bring our healthy lunch, consume junk food on a busy day or just feel too tired for a workout. The bad days will come but the key is to keep pushing in the right direction. This attitude of not giving up significantly improves the chance of success.

In summary: 

Weight loss is a worthwhile goal as it provides numerous benefits to health and self esteem. There is no quick fix solution. By being aware of these common barriers to success, we can create a more effective approach for achieving our targets.

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