Is depression turning your life grey?

Is Depression stopping you from enjoying life?
Discover how you can live a depression free life with hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy for Depression

Depression is now the world’s greatest cause of suffering, according to the World Health Organisation. It is estimated that more than 300 million people worldwide suffer from the debilitating effects of depression today.

Depression comes in many forms – from major depression to postnatal depression, and has many different causes.

Depression can cause a variety of symptoms including: a loss of energy, changes in appetite, disturbances in sleep patterns, loss of enjoyment, persistent sadness, reduced concentration, feelings of hopelessness and many more. In more extreme cases, it can result in self harm and suicide.

There is a significant cost to depression to both the person who is suffering from it, and the people around. Relationships, families and careers are regularly destroyed from the devastating effects of depression. People suffering from depression are often not motivated to take action, and this usually exacerbates the issue.

Does hypnotherapy work for depression?

The answer is YES, depression is highly treatable with clinical hypnotherapy. Relief can often be achieved in a short space of time , so it’s important to act now.

Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective and rapid solutions for depression.

To effectively treat depression, we employ a combination of clinical hypnosis, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness practices.

The latest research has indicated that correcting mental and behavioural patterns is a more effective intervention than anti-depressants in the majority of cases. Another benefit of this approach is a much lower rate of relapse.

Clinical hypnosis can target existing thought and behaviour patterns at the unconscious level, allowing for rapid and lasting change. We have helped many people like you, and you too can experience what it feels like to be free of depression.

You will also learn proven strategies on how to interrupt depressive thought patterns and tips for prevention. This will give you practical skills on how to cope with the stresses and demands of life.

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