Behaviour Addictions

Are Obsessive and Compulsive Behaviours ruling your life? Discover how you can break bad habits with hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy for Compulsive Behaviour

Do you have compulsive habits that rule your life? Do you want to stop but don’t know how? Does it cause you a great deal of frustration and stress?

Whether your compulsive habit is big or small, it is probably causing you distress in some way today. Many of us have developed these habits as a coping mechanism from when we were younger.

These habits are very difficult to break as they are tightly linked to our minds on an unconscious level. In other words, we do it without being consciously aware. Many people believe that sheer willpower is all that is required, but it rarely works, as that is not how our habits were formed in the first place.

When we try to use willpower to stop the bad habit but fail, it creates a negative feedback loop that often serves to remind us that change is not possible. The good news is, change is not only possible, it can be achieved in just a short space of time.

We can treat the following compulsive habits with hypnosis:

  • Nail biting and Skin biting
  • Hair pulling
  • Compulsive hand washing
  • Compulsive organising
  • Compulsive cleaning
  • Compulsive hoarding

Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective treatments for breaking bad habits.

Clinical hypnosis is a rapid and effective way to re-train your mind to break bad habits so you can regain control. We have helped many clients break their compulsive habits using proven methods to establish new behaviour patterns.

Because the compulsive behaviours reside in the unconscious space, hypnotherapy can directly work with the problematic areas and create fast and lasting change.

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