Are you suffering from PTSD or trauma? Discover how you can be free from trauma with hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy for PTSD and Trauma

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can develop after experiencing threatening and traumatic events. This could be a car accident, physical or sexual assault, abuse, death of a loved one, war or natural disasters and many others. Around 12 percent of Australians will develop PTSD in their lifetimes.

A person who is suffering from PTSD experiences regular flashbacks and this triggers intense fight or flight responses – creating feelings of anxiety, helplessness or terror. Subsequent emotional and physical reactions can cause sweating, heart rate increases and high levels of panic.

PTSD can be likened to an overly sensitive alarm system. Even when a situation does not pose any threat, a sufferer of PTSD can react as if the threat is real.

PTSD can severely impact normal functioning. A person might avoid everyday activities, places and people that bring back painful memories. Left untreated, this often develops into anxiety, depression, insomnia, alcohol and drug abuse. They could feel emotionally numb and detached from the world and find it impossible to develop relationships and a healthy social life.

The cost of living with PTSD in the long run is very high so it is important to have this treated as soon as possible.

Hypnotherapy is one of the best solutions for treating PTSD and Trauma.

Clinical hypnosis is exceptionally effective at treating PTSD as it targets the problem directly. Trauma is stored as an unconscious process. Hypnosis can alter these processes so that the mind can learn more healthy ways of coping. The emotional charge from traumatic memories can dissipate and allow for rapid and lasting change.

In addition, we will teach you skills on how to cope with stress and better manage your life. These skills will help you build a future worth looking forward to.

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Breaking Free from Trauma

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