Kaizen Hypnotherapy Testimonials


Baulkham Hills

Prior to meeting Kimble I had suffered a great deal of depression post a marriage breakdown and other significant matters in my life.
Kimble was able to bring colour back into my life and help me be able to learn to be patient with myself and others and helped me be present and enjoy life again like I once did.
Thank you Kimble for changing my life!


Prior to meeting with Kimble I had been going through some significant changes in all aspects in my life that had left me feeling quite overwhelmed. I was struggling to find clarity and to function well enough to keep on track with life and its demands. He took his time to get to know the ins and outs of my current situation and was very understanding of the nature and sensitivity of what I was dealing with. I walked out of the session feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, I had regained clarity and felt focused. I look forward to working with Kimble in the future as his guidance really helped my skills in changing my perception of things and how I manage day-to-day tasks. I highly recommend Kimble and am forever grateful for his time.


After being made redundant 6 years ago, I started getting massive anxiety and panic attacks. At my worst, I wanted to pack my bags and leave Sydney! I pushed all my friends away and couldn’t sleep for more than 3 hrs at night. I was so drained and had nothing left in me. I tried seeing a few psychologists and while they sounded well intentioned it didn’t do much. Seeing Kimble gave me exactly what I needed. Solutions and relief!! I loved each session and can’t thank him enough for his time and effort. I have started a new career in the past month and look forward to doing more. If you feel stuck, give this a go!


I was on antidepressants and closing myself off to the world. Everything seemed so hard! I avoided social functions and even started to avoid family gatherings. Kimble helped lift my depression in just a few sessions. It made such a difference that even my husband and friends have noticed. I am finally feeling like myself and going out again. Even simple days bring a smile to my face now. Thank you for helping me!

Baulkham Hills

After years of anxiety triggered by job changes I was lucky to find Kimble and using his solution based approach to navigate a recent significant change in my life. I looked forward to our sessions each week and seeing a positive change within myself with greater understanding and techniques to apply and challenge how I was thinking. Thanks Kimble.


I was hiding a secret from my family for years, over $200k in debt from gambling. My brain was so cluttered and I couldn’t stop thinking about past events. I was barely sleeping and couldn’t focus everyday at work. Kimble helped me break free of this for good in a few sessions. I have zero urges to gamble now and can focus on my family once again. For the first time in years I feel like myself. Words cannot describe how thankful I am!

Baulkham Hills

Thank you Kimble what you have done for Nathan and us we are so grateful to you. You are the nicest person and naturally put people at ease. Nathan had a good rapport with you straight away and that’s so important. I would highly recommend you to anyone without hesitation if they feel that the quality of their life is being held back and see you Kimble and not ever look back.

We wish you all the best and look forward to watching our son go from strength to strength with his life. We wish you all the best in your work and helping others.

The Ponds

Kimble has helped me so much with my anxiety/panic attacks. I now look forward to going out without the anxiety controlling my life. I have accomplished certain things in the last few weeks which I said I would never do.
Thank you so much Kimble.

Dundas Valley

Kimble was amazing!!!
He has a gift and is kind and honest. He has helped me overcome my fears that I have had for too long. Within 3 sessions my fear of snakes for over 30 yrs, is now no more than a cartoon that I can smile and joke about!
Thank you Kimble! Thank you for sharing your awesome gift of hypnotherapy and mindfulness with me and my family.
I CAN go on to live the life I want!!! Without ANY hesitation or anxiety!! And no more fear of snakes.

Pennant Hills

It was so easy to meet and work with Kimble. He has given me the skills to better cope with the stresses of life. Rather than getting angry and having a soaring heart rate as a result, I am now able to control the way that I react to situations that are outside of my control – thus not allowing them to control me. I am sleeping better also!

Winston Hills

Kimble has guided me, helped me understand and taught me techniques and how to deal with my anxiety. Kimble is professional, sincere, caring, understanding , patient and non-judgemental.

He offers reassurance and lets you know that you’re not alone and he is there to help you through this. I can truly and honestly, highly recommend Kaizen Hypnotherapy. Thank you Kimble for being true.



Kimble is an amazing practitioner. He is very passionate and knowledgeable in what he does. After suffering from anxiety and depression for most of my adult life, I found Kaizen Hypnotherapy was highly effective and achieved great results. In less than 4 weeks I felt my anxiety and depression was dramatically reduced and I was able to tackle my 10+years smoking habit.
I highly recommend Kaizen Hypnotherapy for anyone who is facing challenges in their life and feels they have tried everything!

East Hills

I was diagnosed with depression as a teen and it was a crippling weight dragging me down and effecting the people around me. After countless sessions with psychologists and just as many antidepressants, I was no better off and drinking heavily.
After just four sessions with Kimble, my depression seems like a distant memory. I can’t remember the last time I felt so good. Kimble helped me free myself of that weight and I am eternally grateful.
Words will never express my gratitude.
Thank you Kimble.


I did however used narcotic daily but I my mind I’m doing great, I don’t steal or rob people. I supported my own habit. Since the age of 18 which is 20 years ago now.

Kimble thank you, for giving me the tools to essentially break up with my addiction, she’s been my mistress for 20 years and I’ve finally with your help, your guidance I can say to my myself that’s enough and it’s time to stop lying to everyone, to myself especially.


When i was at my lowest point in life and felt like i was running out of options, i reached out to Kimble and he was absolutely amazing at helping me start appreciating life again, he helped me to remind myself of all the positives and shared many techniques on how to let go of the negatives. Please Don’t hesitate to reach out!! i wish i did alot sooner. 10/10


Thanks to Kimble, I have now overcome my debilitating fear of heights and tachophobia which I had suffered from for nearly 20 years. The whole process was so quick and easy that it made the results that much more unbelievable! Kimble also helped my husband quit smoking over one hypnosis session.
I highly recommend Kimble and Kaizen Hypnotherapy!


Smoked for +25 years don’t know how to stop is been like a daily routine. Kimble help me with one session, now I’m free as Non Smoker for more than 6 months. All my friends are surprised how I did it. I Definitely recommend Him to my friends Who need help to quit. Thank you Kimble for your miracle work.

Being a self improvement enthusiast, I’m always looking for ways to better myself. But nothing really worked for me when it came to treating my long term depression and anxiety. I’ve been to many psychotherapists for years with minimal results. At the recommendation of a friend, I gave hypnotherapy a try. In just one session, my mood noticeably improved. And this effect magnified in the subsequent sessions. I have a lot more energy and feel much more positive about life. Kim was very insightful and respectful and made it a great experience.

I had an anxiety issue with work for a long time. Whenever I face a new client or a topic I don’t yet know, it used to make me very anxious and doubt myself. I knew my feelings were irrational since I have many years of experience in my field. I could not believe the change that occurred after just one session. I no longer felt anxious and as a result, I could think clearly and articulate my opinion well during meetings. And now I feel much more confident at work. Thanks for your help Kimble.


In the weeks leading up to my hypnosis session, I was feeling overwhelmed and depressed. My mind was racing, I was mentally and physically exhausted. The second the session was over my mind felt clearer and less cluttered. Now it is much harder for me to feel depressed, I don’t feel tired anymore, I’m less anxious and I feel good. I am able to manage myself better in everyday situations instead of being negative. I can control my anger better now too. A few months later, Kimble also helped me quit smoking successfully and I have been smoking for over 15 years.

Macquarie Park

I was addicted to porn and would spend up to 6 hours a day watching it. I am a personal trainer by trade and it got up to the point where I would cancel with my clients to stay home to watch porn. My family did not know about my habit but it was taking a toll on everything. My business slowed to a crawl and my self esteem went down the drain. I tried quitting cold turkey but it would not last more than 48 hours. I tried hypnotherapy for the first time this year and it was a life changer. Kimble was understanding and not judgemental and that made it much easier. It took a few sessions and now I am totally free from watching porn. I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from addictions.


I smoked cannabis recreationally for years. Recently I was smoking more and more without knowing why. I used to use it for relaxation before and now I found my life revolving around it. I had little motivation to be productive and it was affecting my work and personal life. A friend of mine recommended Kimble after his own experience. While I was not sure about hypnosis, I decided to take the plunge. In the sessions, he helped me break my addiction and reduce the anxiety I used to manage with cannabis. It’s been 3 months now and I have not smoked again since. I would gladly recommend this to anyone.

Bella Vista

I had 4 credit cards at one point before I decided to try hypnotherapy. I manage a large team at work with high levels of stress. I would visit shopping centres every chance I got and spend excessively. When the bills arrived, I felt ashamed and emotionally distraught to the point of breaking down. It was affecting my wellbeing and I was even lying to my partner on what I was spending on. After seeing Kimble, I no longer feel the desire to shop compulsively. I used to not be able to leave the shops without buying something. Right now, it feels like a choice I can make confidently. I am saving so much money now and I’m thankful to Kimble for helping change my habits.


I was stressed and struggling with a 6 figure debt from gambling habits. After a few sessions of hypnosis, I am no longer interested in wasting my money at the casino. I was spending my entire salary and borrowing money before and now I can save and spend quality time with my wife and new born. I knew gambling was bad for me but until I tried hypnosis it felt uncomfortable to stop. It’s hard to explain and now I cannot imagine going back that that same life. I highly recommend seeing Kimble if you want to stop gambling.


I saw Kimble to overcome a cocaine addiction from a family friend’s recommendation. I was spending thousands a week and at one point I lost my job and family home. It took a few sessions and now I have stopped with the cocaine completely. There was a withdrawal period and honestly it was a struggle, but mentally I was much stronger and that helped me push through. I also found help with a personal trainer who assisted with building me up physically. My life is in control again and so is my mental health. Thank you for making a big difference in my life.


I suffered from sleep issues for many years. Kimble taught me a variety of helpful techniques to deal with my sleeping problem. I also became aware that I had anxiety issues which caused me to worry about different things at night. Over the course of the sessions, my sleeping improved and I’m much more relaxed now. We did some sessions to improve my motivation to exercise too. Now I am sleeping better and exercising 3 times a week consistently. I highly recommend Kaizen Hypnotherapy if you want to make change in your life.


I spent years in an abusive relationship and felt stuck. The marriage finally ended a year ago and I felt lost with no direction. I saw a counsellor for a few months to cope. It helped me offload some emotions but I was still lost and confused. Kimble helped me regain confidence in myself and I can focus on my life again. I am more open and recently started dating again. I am feeling positive for the first time in years, it’s one of the best investments I have made in my life.

Winston Hills

I had a deep fear in public speaking after several embarrassing experiences. Part of my work requires me to give presentations on a regular basis, so it was difficult to say the least! After working with Kimble over a few weeks, now I can speak confidently in front of large groups. I am much calmer and have actually become a confident speaker. I would not be able to do this without the help of Kimble. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Castle Hill

I never thought hypnotherapy would work for me. I had a serious car accident 10 years ago and I stopped driving since then. Thinking about it was enough to send me into a panic. My husband had to drive me and my kids everywhere. My sister tried hypnotherapy and suggested it might work for me. I’m so glad I tried it because today I can drive myself and my kids around without fear. It is an amazing feeling to be independent and free. I highly recommend you visit Kimble if you suffer from fears like I did.


My anger issues were destroying my personal life. At work, I appeared to be calm but I would often lash out against my family and friends. I went to a few anger management classes and they have helped but I still had big bursts of anger every week. After doing some research, I decided to try hypnotherapy. It took a few weeks and I found myself not getting angry as much. And even when I got annoyed, it would quickly subside. Overall, it has made a big difference to me.

Surry Hills

I had severe stress and a weight problem before trying hypnotherapy. I had tried crash diets, medication and saw different psychologists to manage without success. It turns out my issues were connected and I was eating emotionally to cope. I have lost 5kg so far and feel like a new person. Kimble also helped me develop the motivation to eat healthy and exercise. Thank you Kimble for helping put my life on the right track.


I chose hypnotherapy as an alternative to traditional counselling and psychological services and it’s been a life changing experience. I suffered from anxiety and childhood trauma for many years. After a few sessions, I let go of the trauma completely and I’m much less anxious in general. It feels like a heavy burden has been lifted. The sessions were professional, respectful and relaxing. It also provided me with realistic and achievable strategies to move forward with my life.

Blue Mountains

I had no idea what to expect from my sessions as I had no previous experience with hypnotherapy. Kimble helped explain the process and eased me into the experience. I was so incredibly surprised at the results. It for me was an emotional cleanse; I felt clear, happy, free, optimistic and empowered – the blur I had been experiencing was completely gone! Thank you for making such a huge difference in my life!


I tried Hypnotherapy after hearing about a friends successful experience. I’ve always found it hard to speak about myself and my emotions, walking into Kim’s session it felt calm and relaxing, i felt a positive vibe which put my nerves to rest. Kim not only helped me move past events but helped me find ways to open my mind to new thoughts and strategies to avoid negative and to achieve my full potential. I never realised how my thoughts and emotions affected my day to day life, after the session I felt a huge weight had been lifted and i couldn’t stop smiling. Months have passed and the thoughts that kept me up most nights haven’t once crossed my mind, I’m happier and more confident in myself and my actions. I highly recommend everyone to give it a chance, the results are honestly remarkable !! Thank you Kim you are Amazing !!


I sought help to resolve some issues regarding past relationship trauma and confidence. After my sessions, I felt a deep sense of freedom and positive energy. I was given many tools to help build my overall wellbeing and apply them daily. I can now identify the patterns that did not work for me. People around me have noticed it too. Thank you for your help and professionalism.


Words can’t express how my hypnotherapy session has changed my life. I no longer have any severe anxiety, I’m happier, off medication altogether and can function normal again. Very grateful to Kimble. I’ve recommended him to all my friends! Highly recommend!

Lane Cove

I went to see Kimble with a fear of flying. He quickly helped me connect the dots and gave me the tools to cope with my fear and anxiety. Because of this problem, I did not fly for years. Last month, I got on a plane to Europe and actually enjoyed myself the whole time. Thank you so much and I cannot express how wonderful it is to be able to enjoy travelling again.


My partner asked me to try hypnotherapy to reduce my drinking. I didn’t think I had a problem until I seriously injured myself one night in the city. I must admit I was very skeptical of hypnosis but Kimble’s professional attitude helped me relax. It took 4 sessions and now my drinking is fully under control. I highly recommend anyone with the same problem to give it a try.

Crows Nest

I’ve tried everything. Bitter nail polish, band aids, reminder wrist bands…you name it! Nothing worked. I’ve been biting my nails since I was a child and they would look horrible. I could never paint my nails too. A friend recommended that I try hypnosis and I’m glad I did. A few sessions and I have stopped biting my nails completely! The sessions were so relaxing and I always learnt something new each time. I am not as stressed now as a person too. Thank you Kimble!


Have been a smoker for 24 years, averaging a half packet a day.
Heard about Kaizen Hypnotherapy from a good friend who successfully quit through Kaizen Hypnotherapy. This friend mind you, has been smoking for 30+ years, averaging 1 pack a day. It was simply too good to be true but I had to try it out for myself and for my family.
I am pleased to advise that I have not had a cigarette since my session with Kaizen Hypnotherapy and I have no desire to ever pick up a cigarette ever again.
Thank you for giving the gift of life, time and freedom Kaizen Hypnotherapy.

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